Petition for a 24-Hour Vending Machine

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Petition for a 24-Hour Vending Machine

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:43 am

Here's the link to our petition, the text will be laid out below:

Middle Tennessee State University is a beautiful campus with many great facilities that cater to its students needs throughout the week. However, when those stores close at night or on the weekends, residential students that don't have access to cars have nowhere to purchase food or general goods. With little accessibility to what students need, there is little incentive to continue to live on campus past the required first year. So, we've thought of a solution: MTSU needs a 24 hour vending machine.

So how would we go about getting this vending machine? There is a company called Shop24 that builds and installs 24 hour vending machines on campuses around the country. They have a program that facilitates this construction and works in partnership with the campus. The school provides the location for the vending machine to be placed and Shop24 takes care of all of the building and maintenance. All of this information can be found at Shop24's website. This petition is to let the committees in charge of MTSU's planning know that we as students need somewhere that we can access goods throughout the night and weekends. By having those committees work with Shop24, our needs can be easily met.

In the meantime, we've created a website where students and faculty who are interested in this endeavor can tell us what they hope and expect to see in the vending machine that would be coming to campus. We've lived on campus at Middle Tennessee State University and know the difficulties of not having access to goods when we need them. So we hope to work with Shop24 in providing Middle Tennessee State University students with a way to easily access the goods they need late at night or on the weekends.

So what do we expect to see in this vending machine? We hope to see it able to hold the essentials like water, juices, and toilet paper, but also want to see things like Arizona Teas and packaged ramen so that our students can have a wide selection of things to eat. This vending machine would give MTSU students easy access to food, drinks, toiletries, and school supplies to ensure that no matter the time of day or week students can survive and even thrive on campus.

So help us by signing this petition and let MTSU know that its students want to have access to general goods on campus with a 24 hour vending machine. Thank you for your time.


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